Xtreme Outback Jeep Wrangler 3.6L Sprung Organic Clutch Kit – KJE28006-1A

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The stage 1 upgrade from Xtreme Outback is designed to provide a significant increase in torque capacity whilst retaining driveability for daily driven vehicles. These kits are ideal for vehicles that have been tuned, tow heavy loads regularly, are fitted with larger tyres or heavy accessories and that are used in extreme conditions. The 100 series kit includes heavy duty pressure plate with increased clamping force and a sprung or rigid organic friction disc depending on the application. The kit also includes an alignment tool, spigot bearing/bush and release bearing where required. Xtreme Outback also offers a range of different kit options for those looking for a replacement flywheel, hydraulics or accessories as well as extra heavy duty kits for specific applications requiring an even further increase in torque capacity. The Xtreme Outback range of heavy duty clutch upgrades has been specifically designed and engineered to provide increased clamping force for improved torque holding capability. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Outback takes over 30 years of experience in the Australian clutch market as well as an extensive research and development process to engineer clutch upgrades for everything from daily driven 4×4 vehicles to dedicated rally applications. With a variety of stages and options available, the Xtreme Outback range is ideal for those looking for the highest quality and performance for their 4×4.



Flywheel Step (mm)       Flat

Clutch Disc Diameter (mm)         280

Clutch Disc Spline Count              10

Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm)            29

Disc Type            Sprung

Friction Material             Organic

Stage     1

Recommended Use        Street / Offroad / Towing

Clamping Force % Increase         25%

Torque (Nm) Inc FOS      730

Torque (ftlbs) Inc FOS     540

Spigot Bush/Bearing Included    Yes

Aligning Tool Included   Yes

Spline Grease Included  Yes

Weight (kg)        16.5