Crankshaft Pulleys and Sprocket

Attached to the front of your harmonic balancer is the crankshaft pulley. The belt wrapped around this pulley drives the engine’s accessories, including the alternatorpower steering pump, and air conditioning compressor.

Bin Jumah Motorsport Equipment carries crankshaft pulleys for a wide variety of applications, including stock replacement, period-correct restoration, engine dress-up, and high performance. V-belt, serpentine, or Gilmer belt, you’ll find the perfect pulley right here!

“Parasitic horsepower loss” means that some of the power made by your engine is eaten up by driving the accessories. High-revving competition vehicles can get away with a smaller underdrive pulley, which drives the belt less quickly. Alternatively, if you’re adding power-hungry systems like mobile entertainment, an air compressor, or upgraded air conditioning, you may need a larger overdrive pulley to help the alternator keep up.