MecLeod RXT Twin Disc LS Engine Clutch 6305507M

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HP 1000+
Aluminum Flywheel 6 Bolt LS Motor
9-11/16″ X 1-1/8 X 26 Spline.
Ceramic/Ceramic Facing.
0 Balance, 168T

McLeod RXT Street Twin Clutch Kits

McLeod RXT Street Twin clutch kits are ideal for the extreme horsepower enthusiast who wants performance and economy. Capable of handling up to 1,000 hp, the RXT Street Twin clutches are for those who've kicked it up another notch—but still require streetability. The ceramic facing on the clutch discs provides slightly aggressive engagement with a soft pedal effort, making these clutches suitable for most street performance enthusiasts. Match your vehicle specs to the correct model from McLeod.

Additional features include:

* Alignment tool
* Lighter-than-stock pedal feel
* Available with dedicated flywheel or adapter ring for factory flywheel
* CNC-machined and anodized flywheel adapter ring
* Smooth engagement with excellent release qualities
* Ceramic facings on disc increase holding power over similar organic linings
* Low rotating mass for quick revs
* Blanchard ground floater with multiple straps to reduce noise for streetability