BJ 14759-Lufi XF Revolution Multi-Function OBD2 Gauge

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XF Multi-function OBD Meter Features:

1.Do not damage the original vehicle wiring harness, simple to interface directly docking. (If the flame out does not turn off automatically, you need to connect a wire to the fuse)

2.Can change custom LOGO pattern

3.Can switch between international or English units

4. Water temperature is too low, speed segmentation, gear shift, punctual reminder

5.Instantaneous and average fuel consumption display

6. Can read and delete common fault codes

7.Support vehicle key data alarm function (voltage, water temperature, speed, etc.)

8. System interface can switch data types arbitrarily

9. Vehicle performance test function 0-1000 / 0-200 / 0-400 meters

10. You can view the data maximum record

11. Automatic backlight dimming.

12. Instrument interface can be edited arbitrarily

13.Special models can display more data not supported by general-purpose models (oil temperature,Oil pressure, CVT temperature, etc.).

14. Can update product firmware

15. There are multiple dedicated systems that can be switched freely