BJ 14858-Lufi X1 obd2 Universal

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Lufi X1 obd2 Car Speedometer Boost-Gauge Water Temp Air/Fuel Oil Temp Exhaust Gas Temp Multifuntion Gauge Tachometer with LED

 XF Multi-function OBD Meter Features All the data as the picture shown

for Honda system: support water temperature of old models and new models after 18 years Data display, and cvT transmission fluid for CVT transmission Wen, this is not available in other brands. Also included Aid lock function (speed, gear locking, door opening, emergency braking Car flashing lights, door opening tips, if these functions are not required Can choose to close).

for Honda Turbo models System Settings-> Turbo / Intake Pressure calibration needs to be adjusted to 133% ratio, otherwise the data is not precise.

for Volkswagen system: supports reading turbines and oils of models after 2003 Temperature data.

for Toyota system: Supports reading the oil pressure and turbine number of turbo models

for Mazda System Support door opening prompt. (Each door can be displayed and opened separately) Support oil temperature display of CX series and Atz series

All special versions are in one watch, our meter defaults The factory uses a general-purpose program, please enter after you get the meter Enter the system settings-> special system selection menu to select the required special vehicle model program to upgrade and use.