BJ 45070-Spool Holden / GM LS 6.125" Drag Pro I Beam Conrods

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All Spool Drag Pro Conrods come standard with 7/16 ARP 2000 Fasteners

Holden / GM LS 6.125" Drag Pro I Beam Conrods

Spool Drag Pro I Beam connecting rods are the ultimate high strength direct fit conrod for all Holden GM LS 5.7L and 6L V8 engines.

New features:

  • Upgraded ARP2000 7/16 bolts
  • Increased strength to the beam
  • Increased strength around the fasteners / bolts
  • Increased strength around the gudgeon pin

These conrods feature:

  • High tensile 4340 forged steel
  • 2 Piece forging
  • Hardness of HRC36-42
  • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
  • X-RAY & Sonic tested
  • Quenching and heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • 100% Magnafluxed
  • Weight Matched Sets + - 1 gram
  • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities.

ARP L19 bolt upgrade option available.

Note: Clearancing of the cylinder block is sometimes required.

No bearings are included.