BJ 43011-engine start button + 1 x toggle switches

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Product Description

1. High quality carbon fiber face plate.
2. 1 ON-OFF SWITCH red switch.
3. 1 x red engine start button + 1 x toggle switches for additional use.
4. Come with the relay to control the buttons of this article
5. Pre-drilled mounting holes design is convenient for installation.
6. Ideal for any speeding and racing of vehicles: car or boat, etc.
7. Red illuminated engine start button.
8. Easy for installation, you can turn off the entire vehicle engine in an instant.
9. Our driving lives are no longer boring, but full of limitless fun.
10. Material: carbon fiber panel.
11. Color: black.
12. Product size: 95 * 66 * 90mm.
13. Quantity: 1 set.