BJ 390094-AEM Electronics PSIA Sensor Kits 30-2130-7

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Pressure Sensor,100 PSIa or 7 Bar Stainless Sensor, Kit

AEM Electronics PSIA Sensor Kits

AEM Electronics offers high-quality stainless steel PSIa sensor kits in 15 (1 BAR), 30 (2 BAR), 50 (3.5 BAR), 75 (5 BAR) and 100 (7 BAR). PSIa is referenced to absolute zero—the pressure measurement when all the pressure exerted by the atmosphere has been removed. The most common use for absolute pressure sensors is reading manifold pressure. PSIa sensors are required if you wish to measure vacuum. A PSIa sensor will read about 14.7 psi when the sensing element is exposed to atmospheric pressure at sea level; however, they can be recalibrated to read zero at atmospheric, and a negative number at values less than atmospheric pressure.