BJ 27134-COMP Cams Pro Magnum Hydraulic Roller Lifters 875-16-LS

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Lifters, Hydraulic Roller, Chevy, Set of 16

COMP Cams Pro Magnum Hydraulic Roller Lifters

COMP Cams Pro Magnum hydraulic roller lifters are specifically designed to perform at higher engine speeds. When engines are equipped with a hydraulic roller camshaft, high rpm is limited by the improper positioning of the internal piston, as the lifter inevitably "pumps up." This improper location results in broken valves and, therefore, leads to lost power or sometimes even engine failure. These lifters offer a distinct advantage over standard high performance hydraulic lifters, especially in race applications where a hydraulic lifter must be used.

Lifter Outside Diameter (in.): 0.842 in.
Lifter Offset: None
Lifter Seat Height (in.): 2.600 in.