BJ 27110-Magnuson Superchargers 05-00-26-153-BL - Magnuson Supercharger Kits

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Supercharger, Roots Style, Magnuson TVS2650 , Serpentine, Black Powdercoated, Intercooler, Fuel Rail, GM, 6.2L, LSA, LS3, Kit

Magnuson Supercharger Kits

Magnuson supercharger kits make power you can live with! Magnuson's powertrain integration technology offers you the ability to have big horsepower and drivability in the same supercharger. This technology recalibrates the engine and transmission control programs to work with the altered induction path and boost pressure of the supercharger. And that produces a seamless and consistent delivery of power over the entire rpm range--not just the high end! For you, that means Magnuson superchargers will boost your power output, and yet run like their factory installed units, with many carrying a CARB E.O. #. Whether you're driving a Corvette or a Cadillac, a Silverado or a Hummer, or a Camaro or a Mustang, Magnuson supercharger kits deliver maximum performance, while continuing to meet emissions and fuel economy standards!