BJ 20067-Garrett G42-1200 Turbolader 1.01 A/R V-Band 879779-5007S

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G42-1200 (A/R 1.01 V band/V band)

The new G42 Series line of turbochargers features the latest Garrett Motion technology. This 100% clean sheet product has many advanced features. New Compressor aerodynamics deliver up to 1450 horsepower. High flowing Inconel turbine wheel handles up to 950 degrees. New 8mm ball bearing cartridge is compact in size allowing us to produce a narrower center housing.

Horsepower: 475 - 1200HP
Displacement: 2.0 - 7.0L
  • Garrett® G Series Compressor Aerodynamics (10 blades) for maximum HP.
  • Fully machined Speed Sensor and pressure ports.
  • Turbine Wheel Aero constructed of Inconel super alloy rated 950ºC
  • Stainless Steel non wastegated turbine housing capable of 950°C.
  • Oil restrictor and water fittings included.
  • Standar rotation.
  • Compressor side: TRIM 65 A/R 0.85
  • Compressor Air Inlet: Hose
  • Compressor Air Outlet: V-Band 4.20" (107.00mm)
  • Turbine side: TRIM 84  A/R 1.01
  • Turbine Inlet: V-Band 3.60" (92.00mm)
  • Turbine Outlet: V-Band 4.30" (109.00mm)
  • Bearing housing: Water and Oil cooled system.