BJ 15719-BOOST AN6 Male To 3/8 Thread Tube Hardline Fuel Line Fitting Adapters Compression

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Connects 3/8" aluminum tube to -6 AN adapters.
Fuel line adapters feature a unique crimp design which eliminates tube flaring.
They are available in male or female ends for 3/8" tubing.
Easily connect tubing to AN fittings;
just slide tubing into tube nut, install the ferrule, and attach tube end.

Made of lightweight aluminum Hard-Anodized Coating
Cost effective alternative for fuel systems
Compression style fitting
Eliminates the need for flaring hard lines
Coating Penetrates Aluminum For Wear Resistance
Coating Penetrates Alum. For Corrosion Resistance
Provides An Aggressive Look For Your Engine

AN to Tube Adapters Function:
Connect an AN hose to a factory hard fuel line.

Installation Steps:
1. First step is to measure the hardline to make sure you have the correct size.
2. Using aerosol on the thread.
3. You slide your stop it up over your hardline, follow by your ferrule and being sure to push your and adapter all the way over the hardline 
4. Start the threads by hand now using your appropriate size eliminate wrenches to tighten up the fitting. Being sure to crush the olive for a perfect seal now. 
5. You've got a male in there, you can easily adapt.