BJ 15008-High Quality 5 layer - Straight Silicone Reducer Hose - 3.5" By 4" -Universal

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High Quality  5 layer - Straight  Silicone Reducer  Hose - 3.5" By 4" -Universal

High Temp 5-ply Reinforced Silicone Coupler Hose Black created with 5-ply reinforced high temperature material

Straight Silicone Coupler Hose with tight radius is commonly used for joining two hard pipes while reducing the possibility of connections coming apart or having your hard pipes or other equipment break

Silicon Coupling Hoses are used by professionals in industries such as high performance racing vehicles

Technical Specification
Temperature Range: - 65 deg. F to + 350 deg. F (177 deg. C)
Reinforced Layer: 5-ply
Hose  Length : 10 Cm
Wall Thickness: 5mm
Leg Length on each Side: 3.5" * 4"
Color: Black