BJ 14977-Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank with Air Filter Breather Baffled Aluminum Fittings Oil Dipstick Hole Breathable Kettle

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1. The oil trap can capture the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas, resulting in carbon deposit and sludge in the intake system and engine;

2. All oil vapor discharged by turbocharged engine before damaging automobile performance;

3. Keep the engine clean even under severe driving conditions;

4. Locking can prevent dust and engine oil from entering the engine from the air intake system;

5. Increase horsepower and prolong the life of your engine, including hoses, clamps and mounting brackets;

6. Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight and durable.


Material: aluminum alloy.

Color: Black/Silver

Capacity: 300ML.

Size: 114 * 65 mm