BJ 14955-SincoTech 2.1 Inch Multifunctional Racing Gauge DO912-S

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DO912 multifunctional racing gauge is our newest product in Aug 2020 ,which features a 2.1 inch , round , IPS full touching screen with 480*480 resolution,black backlight ,Chinese/English, it include nine meter type inside which include: RPM , speed , water temperature , oil temperature , boost , oil pressure , EGT , AFR , and voltage. you buy one is equals to you get 9 meters. It can display one meter type and set it's alarm at one time.The system provides three interface styles for each type of gauge which can be switched freely. It is universal to all 12v vehicles.

Instrument Parts List :
1.Gauge with frame 
2.The Data Processing Unit (DPU)
3.Sensors (water temp. ,oil temp., oil pressure ,EGT ,boost )
4.Connection Wires and accessories .

System setting :
(1)Set “Language”: Chinese and English
(2)Set “Meter Type”:Tachometer , speedometer , water temperature meter , oil temperature meter , boost meter , oil pressure meter , EGT meter , AFR meter , and voltage meter .
(3)Set “Speed” unit : km/h and mph
(4)Set “Temperature” unit :℃ and ℉
(5)Set Pressure unit :BAR and PSI
(6)Set “Backlight” modes: “Day” mode and “Night” mode

Vehicle setting
(1)Set system “Idle mode” : “Display Off” and “Display Time “ .
(2)Set “Cylinder”:range from 1-8.
(3)Set "Alarm Low" .
(4)Set "Alarm High"
(5)Set “Speed Calibration”

1.9-IN-1 functions,one gauge equal to nine gauges.
2.IPS touching screen,color-full ,Low consumption and fast response
3.High precision no delay .
4.DAY-NIGHT backlight mode adjusted by manual