BJ 14080-AN8 180 Degree Swivel Fuel Hose End Fitting

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1.Product Name: AN8 Swivel Hose End 180 Degree

2.Size: AN8

3.Products Angle: 180 Degree

4.Material: Aluminum

5.Color: Red / Blue

6.Applicable models: Generic models

7.Application: apply to cars with turbo modification, installation of the oil cooling radiator connections.

8.Package Includes: 1 X Hose End

9.Product Features:        

Using high-quality aluminum production, plastic junction sealed to ensure that no oil leakage and leakage. This high-performance version of the case of pipeline joints tubing joints, leak-proof and impermeable design to ensure that oil spills and oil leakage accident does not occur during use.

Fast connection design, easy to install, simple to use. Using red and blue color design, not only durable, but stylish, personalized to meet the modern demand for cars.