BJ 05038-The Electromotive 3-COIL DIRECT FIRE UNIT

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The 3-Coil Direct Fire Unit (DFU) features three high-current-capacity non-transistorized coils mounted to a black anodized billet base. The DFU is potted and sealed against moisture and dust, and features a 4-position Metri-Pack connector. All DFUs feature matched coils for optimal performance with your Electromotive system. DFUs are compatible with all TEC and XDi systems. The DFUs feature no internal electronics and can be mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle.  A single 3-coil DFU will support single-plug, even-fire 6 cylinder engines.  Use two 3-coil DFUs when running 12-cylinder or 6-cylinder dual-plug engines. These coils thrive in high-boost, high-compression applications and work with any fuel type, including methanol, E85 and Nitro