AEM Electronics 30-2224 - AEM Electronics 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN Modules

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AEM Electronics 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN Modules

The AEM Electronics 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN module uses an integrated cold junction sensor to ensure lab-grade temperature readings across all eight channels. It has the ability to read better than one percent full scale, even at the extreme temperature range (-328 to 2,501 degrees F). The module also includes open circuit/fault detection to notify you if a sensor loses its connection or needs to be replaced. This unit will work with non-AEM devices with configurable CAN bus. The module utilizes flexible CAN configuration jumpers, which allow it to be used with just about any third party devices.

Features and benefits include:

* Includes 8 K-type thermocouple inputs to accept common K-type thermocouple sensors
* Uses common miniature thermocouple sockets
* Daisy-chain two modules together for up to 16 temp inputs through a single plug
* Outputs all channels via configurable CAN bus via one-plug connection
* Cold junction compensated for lab-grade accuracy
* Temperate resolution 0.18 degrees F
* Integrated open circuit/fault detection