BJ 390037-DWR2000 adjustable fuel pressure regulator, anodized black. Dual -10AN inlet and -8AN outlet. Universal fitment

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DW Regulators Provide the Quality, Precision, and Reliability that Your High-Performance Fuel System Requires to Deliver Stable AFR and Optimum Performance.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulators are simple mechanical devices that have not changed much over the decades and are often taken for granted. However, if you have ever experienced a failed diaphragm, fluctuating fuel pressure, or hot/cold start issues that inferior regulators can cause, you will appreciate the DWR2000  adjustable fuel pressure regulators.  Development of the DW regulators started with a comprehensive evaluation of the popular regulators already on the market. DW regulators were benchmarked against 5 of the leading regulators on the market and designed to outperform all across multiple categories. 


7 × 5 × 3 in


2 lb