BJ 14537-SincoTech Multifunctional Racing Dashboard DO907 Sensor kit Rally Car Race Dashboard Digital Display Gauge Meter Full Sensor Kit

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The dashboard Features a 2.5 inch OLED sreen,RPM reach to 11000 max,black backlight,harness wiring and sensor kit,universal to all 12v vehicles(1-8 engine cylinders).

Function Display
1 .Engine RPM
2. Speed
3 .The ODO
4 .The TRIP
5 .Water Temp
6 .Air/Fuel Ratio
7 .EXT Temp
8. Oil Pressure
9 .Oil Temp
12.0-100KM/H,0-200KM/H Testing Mode  

Parts List
(1) Display
(2) Display Stand
(3) Control Key
(4) Oil Pressure Sensor
(5) Boost Sensor
(6) Water/Oil Temp Sensor
(7) Boost Pipe
(8) EXT.Temp Sensor
(9) Data Processing Unit
(10) Connection Wire

1.High brightness clear OLDE display screen
2.For types of display interfaces complete content
3.Man-machine interaction ,two-way communication
4.Acceleration test function:0-100km/h 0-200km/h
5.Automatic brightness adjustment / Manual brightness adjustment
6.8 LED lights set on the top display of rotating speed and set alarm
7.Various built-in instruments  


Description for interfaces 
There’s 4 functional interfaces can be selected.
1.The first interface display:
Clock,Water Temperature ,ODO,TRIP
2.The second interface display:
Tacho ,Air Fuel Ratio ,EXT Temperature, Speed ,Oil Pressure .
3.The third interface display :
Real-time Oil Temperature ,Alarmed Oil Temperature ;Real-time Water Temperature ,Alarmed Water Temperature ;Turbo ;Speed
4.The fourth interface:
Racing mode

Description for display setup
The display setup include:
1.Revbar range setting
2.Revbvar max scale setting
3.Seqind pattern setting
4.Seqind step setting
5.Display warning buzzer setting

Description for system setup
The system setup include :
1.Unit setting :km/h*kPa*℃  to mph*Psi*°F
2.Speed pulses setting
3.Engine cylinders setting
4.Dimmer setting
5.Clock setting

Description for warning setup
Warning setup include :
2.Oil pressure
3.Oil temp
4.Water temp
5.Air fuel
6.Ext .temp

Parts List 
1. the Monitor(2.5 inch )
2. control key 
3. Data Processing Unit(DPU)
4. Sensors,include Oil Temp,Water Temp,EGT,Oil Press,Boost .
5. connect wirings.