BJ 45020-Brian Crower H-Beam Connecting Rods - Nissan Patrol TB48

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Brian Crower H-Beam Connecting Rods - Nissan Patrol TB48

BC connecting rods are CNC machined from aerospace grade 4340 steel billet, available in your choice of the European influenced H beam or the traditional I beam design (certain applications). All rods feature a deep, double ribbed cap that keeps the big end housing bore true at extended rpm and insures uniform bearing crush, delivering proper clearances for superior oil supply and maximum load carrying capacity. H Beam rods feature a deep radial groove pin bushing and oil holes at 5 and 7 o'clock (the beam acts as a trough), bringing critical lubrication to the critical wrist pin area. I Beam rods feature a oil hole at the 12 o'clock position that keep the pin end bore true at high boost. Available in your choice of ARP2000 fasteners (rated to 210,000 psi) or the ultimate faster, ARP's Custom Age 625+ (rated to 280,000 psi).

Brian Crower's connecting rods feature ARP 2000 rod bolts and the H-Beam design is rated to hold in excess of 200 horsepower per cylinder. The rods are a great upgrade over the stock rods and perfect for builds with larger turbos producing increased torque and compressive loads.