BJ 14539-7 Inch Touch SINCOTECH Panel meters Multifunctional Racing Dashboard DO909

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SINCO TECH DO909 Racing dashboard features a waterproof , 7-inch , TFT true full color , 800*480 resolution, ABS shell ,touching screen . Its REVs can be reach to 12000 max and it is universal for all 12V vehicles .Ten LED speed indicator lights span on the top row of display shell and three additional alarm indicator LED lights are designed on either side and are fully programmable . Total nine pages was designed interface include 5 system modes and the instrument cluster has a data recording function which can record various data to the TF card.
Main Function Display
1. RPM
2. Speed
3. Air/Fuel Ratio
4. Oil Pressure
5. Turbo
6. Water Temp
7. Voltage
8. Oil pressure temp                      
9. EXT.temp
10.Acceleration display

Parameter Range
Speed                      0-255Km/h OR 0-255MPH
RPM                         0~12000rpm
OIL P.                       0~150PSI OR 0~10BAR
BOOST.P                -15~45PSI OR -1~3BAR
AIR FUEL RATIO      20~10:1
OIL T.                       0~150℃ OR 0~300℉
WATER T.                 0~150℃ OR 0~300℉
EXT T.                      0~1,300℃ OR 0~2400℉
VOLT                       10~16V
CLOCK                     24H TIME C LOCK
Speed pulse             2、4、6、8 pulse
Free pulse:            1,274~16,562 pulse/km (equal to pulse of 2~26)
Cylinder number      1、2、3、4、5、6、8(loop)

System Setting 
1.Set Language (CN/EN)
2.Set Date
3.Set Time
4.Set Unit (BAR-PSI ,KM/H-MPH,℉-℃)
5.Set LED (ON-OFF)
6. Set Backlight
7.Set Alarm
8.Set Speed Calibration
9.Set Cylinder Number (1-9)
10. Clear

Alarm Setting

Parts List
2.Data Processing Unit(DPU)
3. Boost Pipe
4. EXT.Sensor
5. Connection Wire Bundle Between Display&DPU
6. Sensor Connection Wire Bundle
7. Oil Pressure Sensor With Wire Plug
8. DPU Installation Panel
9. Air Filter,
10. T-Fitting
11. Boost Sensor
12. EXT.Sensor Adapter
13. Water Temp Sensor &Oil Temp sensor
14. Installation Screw