Holley Coil-Near-Plug Smart Ignition Coils 556-112

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Smart Ignition Coil, Coil-Near-Plug, Male/HEI Attachment, E-Core, 44,000 V, Holley HP, Dominator ECU, Each

Holley Coil-Near-Plug Smart Ignition Coils

Holley Coil-Near-Plug smart ignition coils are designed for use with Holley HP and Dominator ECUs, as well other EFI systems that can drive "smart" ignition coils. Although they are engineered for high-powered race applications, they can be used on street-driven vehicles, as well. They are available individually (includes mating connector and pins) or in kits that include everything you need to upgrade your ignition.

Additional tech specs:

* Peak voltage: 44,000 V
* Peak output: 102 Mj
* Maximum battery voltage: 17.0 V
* Kits include coils, sub-harnesses, connectors, wires, and a wiring loom